Sunday, May 14, 2017

Church Party

Most churches in Haiti celebrate the anniversary of their church being started. Laracointe is no different. This year they are expecting such a large turnout that they slaughtered a cow. They even put up a webcam and an outdoor monitor for the overflow crowd.

There are representative choirs from all of the surrounding churches. One of them has 42 members, which they hosted overnight.

Special Singing Group

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Prison, Hospital and Poor House Outreach

The Christian Church of Laracointe partnered with Walking Together for Christ in an evangelistic outreach. They visited the Mibalè prison, where they saw 349 prisoners. They gave each prisoner an envelope with a little cash. They also visited the poor house, where they gave envelopes with a small amount of cash, soap, t-shirts, lollipops and crackers. One of the ladies at the poor house accepted Christ, including her 3 children. Finally they visited the hospital where they prayed for the sick and gave some of the needy an envelope with a little cash. In total 59 people participated in the outreach. It was a great experience for the Church members to see and interact with people that are worse off than themselves. It was a success.

Distribution of Envelopes

Sharing the Gospel

One of the Needy at the Poor House

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hurricane Matthew in Review

Hurricane Matthew was a devastating Category 4 hurricane when it first struck Haiti. Its winds of 145MPH and storm serge followed by flooding did major damage to the Southwest and Northwest peninsulas of Haiti.

Immediately after the hurricane, a partner church in Virginia took a collection for emergency aid funds and sent it to its partner church in Citern Remy. This video is a short interview with Nelson Onand, the pastor there explaining what happened during the storm and expressing his appreciation for the life-saving emergency funds.

Video of Citern Remy Hurricane Matthew Interview
Several weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit, Walking Together for Christ missionary James Arbaugh made a trip to assess the situation and take emergency relief and development aid. This is a video essay of the destruction experienced in the Grand'Anse of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, as well as the hope that was shared with the victims through emergency relief aid like food and tarps, and development aid like seeds and trees.

Video of Jeremie after Hurricane Matthew
We are planning a return trip to Jeremie to carry trees and tin to help with reconstruction. $100 can pay for the tin to cover a small house there. This #GivingTuesday and entire giving season, please consider a tax deductible contribution through Walking Together for Christ.

(Special thanks to Lara Martin for the truly inspired song, The Voice of Hope, which was used in the Jeremie video.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Some houses covered by sand from storm surge. Maybe 20% sustained serious damage. Our church building in LaPlatteforme just a pile of rubble. No one died. Town discouraged. Joe Arbaugh delivered emergency relief with Jon Arbaugh and James Arbaugh.

Effects of Hurricane Matthew at LaPlatteforme, Haiti

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hurricane Matthew in Grand'Anse

Hurricane Matthew has struck the Southwest and Northwest peninsulas of Haiti.

A Walking Together partner church has already sent funds to help their daughter church in the Northwest part of Haiti. Their school lost it's roof. They also lost many gardens and animals.

Missionary James Arbaugh has made a preliminary visit to the Grand'Anse to assess the situation. Approximately 75% of the houses in Jeremie lost their roofs. In the surrounding countryside, the situation was even worse. Some food and supplies were distributed to these remote areas during the visit.
Haitian Corn Being Distributed
Trees to Hide the Food

Pumpkin = Food for Today / Pumpkin Seeds = Development
Pumpkin Distributed (for its seeds)
We are in the early stages of planning another trip back to Jeremie. This time, we plan to take tin and more fruit trees. If God puts it on your heart to contribute, we will use your funds wisely to ensure kingdom impact and long-term results.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers, we have a long road ahead of us!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pump at Laraquint Repaired

We are praising the Lord because the pump in the well at Laraquint is fixed! We had all the tools, parts and knowledge to get the job done.
Water Coming From the Well at Laraquint
The problem was parts came unscrewed in the pump cylinder. Before putting it all back together, we replaced the leathers, and a worn sucker rod. That required cutting new threads on a short piece of sucker rod.

Pastor Lenort BienAimé and the community extend their appreciation and thanks for the tools and parts that made the pump repair possible.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Haiti Medical Team - January 22-30, 2016

I was privileged to be a part of this year's medical team led by Doctor Dennis Hatter and James Arbaugh. We did one day clinics in the five churches that we relate to through the Walking Together ministry. The hard working pastors at Payen, Delonye, Gilbert, LaRaquint, and Tapion helped make it possible. We also did a clinic at Project Help which was our home base. 

Our schedule for the day began with a breakfast at the base, then packing up James' truck with medications, jug of water, equipment and suckers/toys for the children. Men's caps and ladies scarves were also given out this year and were much appreciated. At the church were served coffee and bread at break time and a meal of delicious authentic Haitian food for a late lunch. The pastor registers the patient who then pays 50 gourdes (less than $1 US) to see the doctor and receive meds. The 3 areas (triage, consultation, pharmacy) are visited as the patient passes through. The proceeds for the day go into the church treasury. 

This annual clinic has been done in this area for nearly fifteen years and the pastors and church members anticipate it and express appreciation each time we return. We look forward each year to reconnecting with them and providing this service through the churches. We were able to see approximately 950 people this year. 

Counting Pills
Our evening consists of a cold shower, a lovely meal and bagging up medications for the next day. A highlight of each day is to gather around and read an anonymous, encouraging letter from someone in the Mountain View Mennonite Church from which a majority of the team members come. Quite a fun time guessing! Richard and Zane Taylor, Jenny Yancey, Jenn Grove, Nichole Steege, Sharon Arbaugh, Ida Fern Showalter and myself made up the rest of the team. 

Our thanks go out to those who donated money, those who prayed and everyone who encouraged. A special thanks to  Project Help in Borel, Haiti! 

Elaine Schaefer